Phone: +256778960818
Office: Kampala, Uganda

Andrea L. Conroy, HBSc PhD

Assistant Research Professor

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Medicine, University of Toronto
  • PhD:Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto
  • Honors in Biomedical Science:University of Guelph

Awards, Honors and Distinguished Professional Activities

  • Young Investigators Award: American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
  • P.E.O. Women’s Scholar Award:
  • Giorgio Pardi Foundation Plenary Award: Outstanding Research by a Junior Investigator in Fetal Medicine and Placental Function, Society for Gynecologic Investigation
  • SGI President’s Presenter’s Award: Global Health Epidemiology, Society for Gynecologic Investigation

Research Interest:

I am interested in the pathogenesis of malaria in pregnancy and childhood; identifying and validating biomarkers to risk stratify patients (e.g. children at increased risk of death/neurologic impairment); the epidemiology of severe malaria; and evaluating new adjunctive therapies for malaria.

My research centers on understanding the impact of infections on global women’s and children’s health with the end goal of developing new tools to risk stratify patients. I received my training in a translational global health research environment focused on malaria pathogenesis and the development of new therapeutics. I am interested in understanding how infections alter the expression of proteins important for regulating blood vessel development and maintaining vascular integrity. I have experience conducting research studies on malaria in pregnant women and children in sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Malawi), HIV in pregnant women in Uganda, dengue and leptospirosis in Colombia, and sepsis and influenza in North America.