Emily K. Blue, PhD

Associate Research Professor of Pediatrics

Primary Appointment: Department of Pediatrics


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: : Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
  • PhD:Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

Current Research Interests:

My current research goal is to identify the effect of fetal exposure to maternal stresses have on future health of the child. Exposure to stresses like diabetes, obesity, and preeclampsia is linked to elevated risk of future diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. There are currently no known interventions that predict or prevent disease in these neonatal populations. Our long-term goal is to identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets for early disease identification, prevention, and treatment. My current work focuses on identifying genes exhibiting altered epigenetic and RNA expression following exposure to maternal diabetes. Using a type of endothelial progenitor cell called endothelial colony forming cells (ECFCs), the Haneline lab has identified functional impairments in response to maternal diabetes. In collaboration with others in the Haneline lab, I have identified multiple genes that are dysregulated in DNA methylation and RNA expression following exposure to maternal diabetes. Follow-up studies are continuing to further characterize the both the mechanisms responsible for epigenetic and expression dysregulation, and the effects of abnormal gene expression on cell function.

Melissa Fishel, PhD
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