Ping Hu M.D, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics

Primary Appointment:Department of Pediatrics


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: :Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
  • PhD:Peking Union Medical College, China

Current Research Interests:

P38MAPK represents one of the critical signaling pathways mediating cellular response to intrinsic and environmental stress. Dysregulation of P38 pathway is believed in involvement of pathogenesis of many human diseases like inflammation, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. My current work focuses on the roles of P38MAPK in modulation of function of bone marrow hematopoietic cells including hematopoietic stem cells as well as committed lineages like mast cells, T cells and erythroid cells et al. We are also interested in identification of novel upstream and downstream targets of P38MAPK in an effort to define therapeutic targets in P38-related diseases.

Address:1044 West Walnut Street, R4-W170, Indianapolis, IN