Wenjun Zhang, M.D

Research Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment: Department of Pediatrics


  • B.S: Majoring in Biology, Lanzhou University
  • PhD:Majoring in Oncology, Beijing Medical University

Current Research Interests:

Using genetic altered mouse models to study the key areas of congestive heart failure and critical congenital heart defects (CCHDs). My primary research focused on the pathogenesis of heart failure under influences of Stat3 and TGF? superfamily. One of my recent studies revealed an unprecedented role for cardiac STAT3 in sustaining myocyte contractility in the face of ?-adrenergic stimulation through transcriptional control of key elements of EC coupling (e.g. ?-adrenergic receptor, PKA) and epigenetic control of cardiac metabolism. Thus, failure of either (or both) may well explain the adverse remodeling leading to cardiac failure in our failing heart mouse model and the exquisite toxicity of catecholamine in patients with acquired or inherited depletion of functional STAT3 (including both Editorial and Clinical Perspective comments Circulation, 2016; 133:2-3; Circulation, 2016;,133:4-7) . Wenjun Zhang* , Biyi Chen, Marylynn Snyder, Meijing Wang, Baiyan Li, Yue Tang, Hanying Chen, Wuqiang Zhu, Li Zhan, Ni Yin, Deqiang Li, Xie Li, Ying Liu, J. Jillian Zhang , Xin-Yuan Fu, Da-Zhi Wang, Michael Rubart, Long-Sheng Song, Xin-Yun Huang, Weinian Shou (2016). Critical Roles of STAT3 in ?-Adrenergic Function in the Heart. Circulation, 133(1):48-61 (2016) ( *co-correspondent a)

Office: 1044 W. Walnut Street, R4-451, Indianapolis, IN 46074