Indiana University School of Medicine

Training Grants and Fellowships

Morris Green Academic Scholars Program

The Morris Green Academic Scholars Program was created to identify and support pediatric residents and fellows who want to develop careers as pediatric researchers, physician-scientists, and future academic leaders. We recognize that successful researchers and academics require resources and mentorship beyond the comprehensive training provided in our residency and fellowship programs. As a result, the Morris Green Academic Scholars Program provides additional support for research with seminars, mentorship and meeting funds.

Child Health Research Track

This track provides fellows with the skills necessary to conduct research with children in clinical research, behavioral/social sciences research, health services research and medical informatics. Participants receive a structured, but flexible, course of instruction and mentoring in the areas needed to become competent investigators. As in the basic research track, individuals are being trained in traditional pediatric subspecialty areas and have completed the majority of the required amount of clinical training (usually one year) in the respective specialty; the clinical training is supported by other resources.